Explosion in my Oven!

As artsy fartsy of a person I like to think I am, I do tend to get a little too evil scientist with some of my projects (same thing can be said about my cooking). However, when I do fall under hard times and a project blows up (sometimes for real) it’s always a good learning tool. My first big failed project happened right before … Continue reading Explosion in my Oven!

Mugged at the Dollar Store- Inked

For this ‘mugged at the dollar store’ project I will use alcohol ink to create quirky and unexpected designs. I tested on two mugs to see the differences- one clear glass and one white ceramic. I used alcohol inks purchased from my local craft store. Although they seem pricey, you don’t use a lot of ink so the little bottles go a long way!   Materials Dishware (washed) … Continue reading Mugged at the Dollar Store- Inked

Making Alcohol Ink

I’m out to find if homemade alcohol ink is as successful as store bought… Also whats great is you can get the materials from the dollar store 🙂 Materials Small container with lid (to store inks in) Large container that can get stained Standard Markers Rubbing Alcohol Gloves Make sure to make the ink in a well ventilated area! Alcohol evaporates quickly and can cause harsh side effects if inhaled. … Continue reading Making Alcohol Ink

Mugged at the Dollar Store- Polished

My brother actually showed me this exciting new “mugged” project! As you know I got my dishware from the dollar store. I also got my nail polish from there. Easy and inexpensive project that will make great gifts!   Materials Mug/ Glass (washed) Paper Plate Nail Polish (your choice of colors) Large container that can be ruined (I used an old yogurt container) Gloves Water Modpodge … Continue reading Mugged at the Dollar Store- Polished

Homemade Gel Air Fresheners

It’s winter and the house is lacking fresh air. Instead of buying the expensive chemical filled air fresheners I decided to give the homemade one a try. I’ve seen this on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea! I experimented with various recipes and below is the one with the best results. Enjoy!   Materials (2) packets of Clear Gelatin found at your local … Continue reading Homemade Gel Air Fresheners

Mugged at the Dollar Store- Paper Mosaic

I was cruising the isles of my local, beloved dollar store when I came across some adorable ceramic mugs. Tangent– I am a huge mug person… When people go on vacation they normally get postcards, magnets, and t-shirts as standard souvenirs but I make it a point to get a mug. And it can’t be any mug- it needs to be large enough to double … Continue reading Mugged at the Dollar Store- Paper Mosaic