Junk to Treasure- Window Photo Frame

JJ and I were perusing a local thrift store and came across a great find. A pair of old windows and a bunch of old rickety trellises. It was a glorious moment when we placed the trellis on the window frame and it was a perfect fit! A total of $10 for our goods was a well-deserved pat on the back. We got our finds back home and started to create our own unique picture frames!

We split up the materials and each made our own frame. First I washed my window and trellises with soapy water. I taped off the glass inside the window frame.


Step 1

I’m a planner, so I thought about what I wanted out of my new photo frame. Did I want a classy look that held black and white photos or did I want a quirky look that help goofy pics of my friends. I also kept my home décor in mind knowing that if I painted the frame orange then where I hung it would be limited. I went with a fun and bright theme that would hold photos of friends and family!

Step 2

I painted the frame of the window a bright blue/green. The trellis was falling apart so I glued it together and painted it a shade of gray. I then hot glued the trellis onto the front of the window.

Step 3

I flipped the frame over and on the back side I used my glitter spray paint to frost the glass.

Step 4

From here I could display my pictures one of two ways. I could simply double side tape them or I could use a mechanism like clothes pins or scrapbooking picture corners to hold the photos. I went with mini clothes pins. After spray painting them black, I glued them to the glass. The scrapbooking corners would limit what size of photos I could use.


I’m very excited and happy with this project and can’t wait to start my next! Has anyone done something similar to this? I’d love to see your projects! Leave a comment below


Disclaimer– This is a DIY project and you are responsible for yourself if you decide to try this project. I am not liable for your actions.  Always read labels for safety and proper instructions




written by tiff


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