Mugged at the Dollar Store- Paper Mosaic

I was cruising the isles of my local, beloved dollar store when I came across some adorable ceramic mugs.

Tangent– I am a huge mug person… When people go on vacation they normally get postcards, magnets, and t-shirts as standard souvenirs but I make it a point to get a mug. And it can’t be any mug- it needs to be large enough to double as a soup mug. I have a cupboard just for my mugs… and yes I love them all equally 😀

Moving forward, the mugs were perfect. I then went to the party isle and grabbed some tissue paper. I would use my scissors and Modpodge from home to finish the project.




Step 1

Cut Tissue Paper into bits and shapes you would want on your mug


Step 2

Attach paper to mug using Modpodge Dishwasher Safe. First apply a Modpodge, place paper over it, and coat paper with Modpodge.

Although Modpodge Dishwasher Safe states its non-toxic, I’m still a safety nut and limited how close I put the tissue paper to the lip of the mug


Step 3

Once it dries, add a protective coat of Modpodge over all tissue paper


Step 4

Dishwasher test

When doing any type of eating utensil project, I like to know if it can be washed. No one likes a dirty mug! If your mug doesn’t, you may need to add additional modpodge.


Disclaimer– This is a DIY project and you are responsible for yourself if you decide to try this project. I am not liable for your actions.  Always read labels for safety and proper instructions



written by tiff


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