Homemade Gel Air Fresheners

It’s winter and the house is lacking fresh air. Instead of buying the expensive chemical filled air fresheners I decided to give the homemade one a try. I’ve seen this on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea! I experimented with various recipes and below is the one with the best results. Enjoy!



  1. (2) packets of Clear Gelatin found at your local store (typically a box comes with 4 packets)
  2. 1/2 cup boiling water
  3. 1/2 cup cold water
  4. 1 tbsp Salt
  5. Smelling agent (essential oils or fragrance)
  6. Heat-safe containers to display air fresheners
  7. Spoon/ Whisk
  8. Small drinking glass
  9. Small sauce pan


Step 1– In heat safe container (I used these jars from IKEA) put in smelling agent and food coloring (optional). For essential oils, I used 2 tsp and for fragrance I used 1 tsp but it’s truly up to how smelly you want it to be.


Step 2- Put 1/2 cup water in sauce pan and turn on med heat so it begins to boil.


Step 3– While the water is warming up, mix 1/2 cup cold water with gelatin packets. I mixed it in my small glass measuring cup. This is to soften the gelatin. When I tried to mix gelatin in boiling water first, it clumped and I had to remove most of the gelatin. Although that way does work, I feel its not as effective since I had to remove some of the gelatin.


Step 4- Add the gelatin water mixture to the boiling water. Once gelatin is dissolved, add salt


Step 5– Once salt is dissolved remove from heat and pour in jar containing smelling agent and food coloring (optional). Let cool to room temperature. May take up to 24 hours to set. This batch made 1.5 of my jars or about 1 cup full and set in 6 hours.



***Please Note****

This is made of gelatin and water therefore it will easily melt. If you place it in a warm place such as your vehicle on a summer’s day, the air freshener will melt.



Instead of using salt, you can also use vodka. I’ve read that some people having molding issues with salt.


Disclaimer– This is a DIY project and you are responsible for yourself if you decide to try this project. I am not liable for your actions.  Always read labels for safety and proper instructions



written by tiff


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