Hot Stone Hot Plate

After making the Corked! Hot Plate, I wanted to try making a hot plate made of stones. I got the felt and stones from the dollar store and the project was so simple. Materials Stones Felt Hot Glue Step 1 Cut the felt to your desired size and shape Step 2 I laid the stones on the felt and moved them to my desired look. I … Continue reading Hot Stone Hot Plate

Easy Canvas Wall Art- Spray Paint

Decorate your walls with this easy and fun project. The possibilities are endless! Materials Canvases Spray Paint Tape, String, Doily Surface / Box to spray paint on Be in a well ventilated area. I painted outdoors.   Step 1 Glove up! I hate getting spray paint on my hands Step 2 Create your design! Either keep a white background or paint a background color. Then … Continue reading Easy Canvas Wall Art- Spray Paint

Transfer Photos onto Wood- Style 1

Probably one of the easiest projects I’ve done has been the picture wood transfer. Not only is it a beautiful way to show off your pictures, there is so much you can do with it. *** (1) All of the supplies can be bought at Michael’s (coupons can be found online and they will accept competitor coupons too!) The picture I used, I printed using a laser printer. Make … Continue reading Transfer Photos onto Wood- Style 1