Transfer Photos to Wood- Style 2

I have always wanted to try this so I’m extra excited with trying this out! It was pretty simple and once I got my process down I was a pro! I’m going to making these for gifts for all my family and friends. This is done using an INKJET printer.


  • 1 piece plain copy paper
  • Wax paper
  • Modpodge or Glue
  • Access to a computer and printer
  • A photo/ picture to transfer (must be on a computer)
  • Piece of wood — Needs to be lighter in color and sanded for a smooth surface
  • Spray sealant

Step 1

Attach wax paper to copy paper. I did this extra step because my printer kept jamming using the wax paper by itself. Also using this technique I was able to reuse the wax paper a couple times. I tried it with both a glue stick and modpodge. Both worked well. I applied the adhesive to the paper, laid a piece of wax paper on top, smoothed out the wax paper, and trimmed the excess wax paper


Step 2

Pick a picture you want to transfer to wood. Make sure to REVERSE the image using a program like Paint, Word, or Publisher. Feed the paper into the printer and print you picture out. The time between it being printed and getting it on the wood is very short so be ready to grab it from the printer and place on your wood.


Step 3

Place the wax paper onto your wood so that the ink can soak into the wood. It is cruical to NOT MOVE the wax paper once you place it on the wood. Your image will be messy. Once I had it down, I patted it first and then smooth it out pressing firmly.


Step 4

Remove the wax paper and  TA DA! I coated my piece with a spray sealant to protect the image. You have a beautiful image on your piece of wood!


I then used the same wax paper for 2 other transfers. In between transfers I wiped excess ink off and let it completely dry before printing a new image out.



Disclaimer– This is a DIY project and you are responsible for yourself if you decide to try this project. I am not liable for your actions.  Always read labels for safety and proper instructions.



written by tiff


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