Seeds n Eggs- Starting Seeds Indoors

One of my favorite hobbies is to garden and work in the dirt. Its that time of the year where I can start some of my seeds indoors to transplant outdoors in a couple months. I don’t have the best of luck when I transplant, so I’m going to try planting in containers that won’t disturb the roots when I plant. This year I decided to try seed starting in egg shells and a cardboard egg carton. Both containers are biodegradable in the soil and the egg shells add valuable nutrients to the plants.



I was conscientious about cracking the shells when removing the eggs from them. I cracked just the tops and after removing the egg I rinsed the shells out. When I was ready to plant seeds in them, I filled the shells with soil and seeds.



Simply put, I placed soil and seeds in the empty carton.



Seedlings are most happy in humid environments. I would mist the soil, cover them with plastic wrap, and keep them in a bright area.



Check back in May for my transplanting results!


*** Please keep in mind germination times for seeds. I used the seeds Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans, and Carrots just as examples specifically for the blog post. Carrots have a much shorter germination time then that of tomatoes so read the back of your seed packets prior to starting plants indoors. ***


written by Tiff


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