TP Roll Wallart

This is one of my favorite wall art project. Its easy and inexpensive and the results are beautiful!

– Toilet Paper / Paper Towel roll (make sure all the paper is removed from the cardboard)
– Scissors
– Glue (I use hot glue)
– Ruler
– Paint (I use spray paint)




First spray paint the cardboard rolls


Cut the rolls into even pieces. My preference is 1” increments. Make sure to cut them evenly so they are even on the wall


After cutting them, some of the brown or white from the roll can be seen. If this happens just touch them up with some spray paint

The pic below is where I have torn off pieces and the paint ripped off the cardboard. This is another example of when you may need to touch up on paint…



Hot glue pieces together and make your very own unique design. Just go for it!!!


You may need to attached a hanging device such a string or a picture hanger mount to your wall-art in order for it to hang properly

Sit back and enjoy to beauty!



Disclaimer– This is a DIY project and you are responsible for yourself if you decide to try this project. I am not liable for your actions.  Always read labels for safety and proper instructions



written by tiff


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