Mugged at the Dollar Store- Polished

My brother actually showed me this exciting new “mugged” project! As you know I got my dishware from the dollar store. I also got my nail polish from there. Easy and inexpensive project that will make great gifts!



  • Mug/ Glass (washed)
  • Paper Plate
  • Nail Polish (your choice of colors)
  • Large container that can be ruined (I used an old yogurt container)
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Modpodge Dishwasher Safe (Optional)


Step 1

Fill the large container that can get ruined with water. Be logical with how much water to use. As you can see, my container is similar shape as my glassware. I filled my container about half full. Next time I will use less water though, the glass displaced much of the water and it spilled over a few times.

Step 2

Glove up! Pour the nail polish into the water. Try different techniques such as a swirl or drops. You can also use a toothpick to help swirl.

Step 3

Dip you dish into the container of nail polish. I did reach the bottom and smooshed some of the paint that fell to the bottom onto the bottom of the glass.

Step 4

Pull the dish out of water and set upside down on the paper plate. You can let it dry or go for a round two and add additional color. Once you are finished dipping, let dry for 24 hours.


This project is NOT dishwasher or microwave proof.


Step 5 (optional)

If you would like to make it dishwasher proof, add a couple coats of modpodge dishwasher safe onto the dish to protect the nail polish design.


Disclaimer– This is a DIY project and you are responsible for yourself if you decide to try this project. I am not liable for your actions.  Always read labels for safety and proper instructions.



written by tiff


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