Mugged at the Dollar Store- Inked

For this ‘mugged at the dollar store’ project I will use alcohol ink to create quirky and unexpected designs. I tested on two mugs to see the differences- one clear glass and one white ceramic.

I used alcohol inks purchased from my local craft store. Although they seem pricey, you don’t use a lot of ink so the little bottles go a long way!



  • Dishware (washed)
  • Surface that can get stained
  • Alcohol Ink
  • Canned air / Paint Brush/ tools to manipulate the ink
  • Gloves


Step 1

Glove up!

Place your dish on a surface you’re fine with getting stained. I used a cookie sheet found at the dollar store. I wiped my mugs down with alcohol ink. This will remove any oils and gunk from my hands which will help the ink stick better.


Step 2

This is the FUN part. There are a plethora of techniques you can use to apply your ink to your dish.

On the clear glass mug I used the canned air technique. I dropped ink and blew the canned air on it. I also just let the ink travel on its own.

On the white ceramic mug I used a paint brush to manipulate the ink (as best as I could). I did stencil on a whale on one part of the mug. On another part I just dabbled with ink (don’t ask what I was trying to create). And on the last part of the mug I just layered the ink (I was trying to go for a sunset). With practice I know I can master this craft!

Here are some other ideas for applying you ink!

  • Letting ink run down dishware
  • Using a Sponge or Sponge Brush
  • Stamp
  • Layering

Step 3

After you finish applying ink, let the dish set and dry for at least 24 hours. Then bake it at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Make sure to keep them in the oven to cool as they can break if transferred from one dramatic temperature to another. Baking will make the ink more permanent.


Step 4

Dishwasher test

First I hand washed it. The ceramic mug passed, none of the ink came off. In regards to the glass mug, all the red and lime green ink washed off and parts of the orange washed off.

I then placed it in the dishwasher (top shelf). The ceramic mug once again did not lose any of its ink and the glass mug lost most of it’s ink.

I’m going to continue to try alcohol inks on glassware to see if I can find a permanent solution. If you have found a solution or have tried this same project, I’d love to hear from you!



Disclaimer– This is a DIY project and you are responsible for yourself if you decide to try this project. I am not liable for your actions.  Always read labels for safety and proper instructions. Remember alcohol is flammable.



written by tiff


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