Artist Supplies

I sell unique and fun items for artists to create with!

Due to their delicacy, I am unable to ship sticks/ branches.



Pallet boards and other plank boards

– Nails and staples removed, cleaned, and sanded. All shapes, lengths, and colors. Some are more rustic and weathered then others. None of them have been treated with anything since being in my care. These boards are great for art and can be attached together for a larger canvas!


Funky Branches and Sticks

– All shapes, sizes, colors, and artful designs. I have some straight and some twisty. Some of them are pretty enough to hang on the wall just as is. I’ve used some of my collection in my own wall art (see pics below)





– I have various wood types and sizes. Great for various crafts and DIY project!




I sell unique things for artists to create with.

If you like anything please contact me or check my Etsy page for costs.

I am not able to ship the branches and sticks because they are delicate.

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